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Product 1- Dedicated Email Server


Your Ultimate Dedicated Email Server Solution!

Harness the power of email marketing and boost your agency's success with SendEagle, our dedicated email server designed to meet all your cold emailing needs.

Key Features of SendEagle:

Dedicated Email Server: Your SendEagle Server comes with its own IP address and Email Server Domain, ensuring optimal deliverability and performance.

Automated Technical Setup: SendEagle takes care of all the technical aspects like SPF and Domain Alignment for you, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

In-Depth Analytics: Track sending amounts, unsubscribes, bounces, and spam complaints with detailed statistics to refine your emailing strategy.

Email List Cleaning: Maintain your reputation and achieve lower bounce rates by cleaning email addresses before sending.

Proven Warm-Up Cycle: SendEagle automatically warms up your IP Address, ensuring ISPs like Gmail and Yahoo don't treat your emails as spam.

Simple and User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use, SendEagle makes cold emailing a breeze, even for beginners.

SendEagle is the perfect tool for driving prospects to your landing pages and
converting them into paying clients for any service you offer.

Whether it's SEO, Google Ads Management, Social Media Marketing, or any of
the other countless services you offer, SendEagle's cold emailing capabilities will work wonders for your digital agency.

Product 2 - Lead Finder Jack

Lead Finder Jack

​​​​​​​The Ultimate Tool for Finding High-Quality Leads and
Growing Your Digital Agency!

Unleash the potential of your digital agency with Lead Finder Jack, the most efficient and powerful local business lead-generation tool on the market.


Say goodbye to the time-consuming, hard work of collecting leads manually, and let Lead Finder Jack do all the heavy lifting for you.

Key Features of Lead Finder Jack:

Comprehensive Lead Collection: Lead Finder Jack Desktop and Lead Finder Jack Cloud offer the most effective local business lead collection solutions. Both are included.

Find Leads Without Paid Advertising: Generate an ocean of leads without the need for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or opt-in pages.

Seamless Integration with SendEagle: Pair Lead Finder Jack with our dedicated email server, SendEagle, for a complete cold emailing solution.

Access To Unlimited Searches: prospect 31 million local business leads in the USA and across the globe, 24/7.

In-depth Lead Analysis: Our proprietary Lead Analysis solution provides valuable information on your leads, increasing your chances of conversion while eliminating the fear of rejection.

Proprietary Lead Filter Technology: Effortlessly find the best leads from multiple sources like Google, Yellow Pages, Groupon, and other main online Business Directories without spending a fortune on paid advertising.

Streamlined Lead Generation Process: Lead Finder Jack integrates new proprietary search sources, giving you all the essential data you need to assess the potential value of a lead.

Perfect for Any Service: Whether you offer SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website Creation, or any other Digital Marketing Service, Lead Finder Jack will help you find the perfect clients for your agency.​​​​​​​

Leads Bucket: With the Lead Finder Jack Cloud version, you'll have access to a "Leads Bucket" which you can tap into at any time to offer your services to your prospects and make sales.

Product 3- Rapify Landing Page Builder


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Effortless Creation of High-Converting Landing Pages​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Elevate your Digital Agency's success with our Rapify Landing Page Builder, an easy-to-use solution for creating stunning, Mobile-responsive Landing Pages that convert leads into clients for your services.


With Rapify, you'll have access to a vast library of Agency Landing Pages and Niche Websites, tailored to fit any service you offer. And if you happen to offer a Niche that is not included, you can use the Rapify AI niche website creator to suit your specific needs.

Key Features of Rapify Landing Page Builder:

Easy Customization: Create, edit, and customize Agency Landing Pages with Rapify's intuitive interface.

Pre-built Landing Pages: Access Agency Landing Pages for a wide range of Digital Services, such as Google Ads, Google Business Profile, Email Marketing, and more.

Versatile Digital Marketing Website: Use one of the pre-made Digital Marketing Websites to promote your services.

280+ Niche Websites: Offer Local Website Design Services to your prospects with access to over 280+ modern, mobile-responsive, and SEO-optimized Niche Websites.

Pre-loaded Content and Images: Each Rapify niche website comes with content and images, making customization a breeze.

GDPR and ADA Compliance: Ensure your Landing Pages and Niche Websites are compliant with GDPR and ADA regulations.

Exceptional Value: With over 280+ DFY websites, the Rapify Website Builder is a huge value, providing unparalleled resources to grow your Digital Agency.

The Ultimate Agency Bundle: Provides Unmatched Benefits for Your Digital Agency Success.

​​​​​​​Choice of One-Page or Multi-Page Site Templates: Whether you want a simple Landing Page with a buy button or opt-in form on it, or you want to build a full-fledged, multi-page website for yourself or a client, Rapify Landing Page Builder is your solution.

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$47 First Month Deal,
Then $99/mo


1. SendEagle  ($99/mo Value)

2. Lead Finder Jack  ($99/mo Value)

3. Rapify Builder ($47/mo Value)

4. Lead Finder Jack - Desktop ($37/mo Value)

5. Groupon Prospector - New! ($47/mo Value)

6. ValPak Prospector - New! ($47/mo Value)

7. New Biz Prospector ($47/mo Value)

8. Local Theme Jack - Enterprise 2.0 ($47/mo Value)

9. Rapify AI - New! ($49/mo Value)

10. Website Auditor - Cloud New! ($49/mo Value)

11. Series of live training webinars ($497 Value)

12. Invoice Clients with Rapify Pay ($47/mo Value) 

The Email Agency Bundle provides you with unmatched benefits for your Digital Agency Success

Unlock Your Digital Agency's Potential with

Email Agency Bundle​​​​​​​

Experience unprecedented growth and success with this bundle designed to solve your most pressing challenges and meet your clients' needs.

Key Benefits of the Email Agency Bundle:

Comprehensive Cold Email Solution: SendEagle's dedicated email server is optimized for cold emailing, ensuring maximum deliverability and performance for your agency's email marketing campaigns.

Effortless Lead Generation: Lead Finder Jack is your ultimate tool for finding high-quality leads, enabling you to spend less time prospecting and more time closing sales.

High-Converting Landing Pages: The Rapify Landing Page Builder empowers you to create stunning, mobile-responsive landing pages that convert leads into clients with ease.

Streamlined Business Growth: The Email Agency Bundle combines the best tools for lead generation, email marketing, and landing page creation, providing a seamless, integrated solution for your Digital Agency.

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1. SendEagle 2.0 ($99/mo Value)

If your Email doesn't do the job nothing else matters. For a Cold Email Marketing Campaign, you need a Dedicated Server and a Dedicated Email IP Address. Both are required to isolate your Email Traffic from other marketers who are using a Shared IP Address.

2. Lead Finder Jack - Cloud - Improved! ($59/mo Value)

Find the best leads using our proprietary Lead Finder Jack - Cloud.

Get leads from multiple sources. No installation is required.

Works on Windows and MAC.

Save money on advertising and find leads quickly.

3. Rapify 20X ($47/mo Value)

Rapify 20X provides high-quality and stunning mobile-friendly HTML5 templates that you can use for building professional fast-loading websites. No technical knowledge is required and Rapify templates install in just 1-click with professionally written content and images included.

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4. Lead Finder Jack - Desktop ($37/mo Value)

Lead Finder Jack is a Windows tool you can use to collect leads from Google and other important business directories without running expensive ads. Access unlimited searches and prospect to 31 million US business leads. With an internet connection you can run this app 24/7 from your own computer and from any country in the world!

5. Groupon Prospector - New! ($47/mo Value)

Find business leads that advertise on Groupon; they have an online product for sale and are accustomed to paying for customers, which makes them have a need for your local services such as an online store.

6. Valpak Prospector - New! ($47/mo Value)

Collect business information from prospects who advertise on Valpak. Business owners who use Valpak for advertising typically require local services such as marketing, advertising, and promotions to boost their products and services.

Other Local Services could include Digital Advertising, Website Design, and SEO.

7. New Biz Prospector ($47/mo Value)

Find fresh business information regarding prospects who recently acquired a domain.

These leads likely need your local services like website creation, SEO, and Google Business Profile setup.

8. Local Theme Jack - Enterprise 2.0 ($47/mo Value)

Get 280+ ready-to-use local niche WordPress websites featuring our famous one-click install. These Local Niche Websites are optimized for Google Ads, and no tech skills are needed. Choose from 280+ templates that include multiple customization options. Manage all your websites easily with no coding, no HTML, no designing, and no hassle.

9. Rapify AI - New! ($49/mo Value)

​​​​​​​ Effortless Website Creation for Local Businesses, Using AI. Provide your basic website details, and let AI handle the rest! Up until now, creating local websites for yourself and your clients has been a complex, time-consuming process. It involves multiple stages like design, content writing, SEO optimization, and ensuring mobile responsiveness. But with Rapify AI, You can publish a complete website in about 5 minutes!

10. Website Auditor - Cloud - New! ($47/mo Value)

The Website Auditor is a powerful tool that captures desktop and mobile screenshots and then rates performance, accessibility, SEO, and best practices. It generates a PDF report and allows you to email it to your prospects. The Audit Report will result in the Local Business Owner setting up a meeting with YOU!

11. Series of Live Training Webinars ($497 Value)

Maximize your success with our training webinars. You’ll also get access to your dedicated members area which includes video tutorials on product usage and client acquisition strategies. If you still have questions, you can easily contact our great support team, directly from our one-click support widget.

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​​​​​​​Bonus 1: Email Marketing Swipe File 

Save time with proven email templates that reduce the risk of untested approaches and increase chances of higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

Bonus 2: Subject Line Swipe File 

Discover our top-performing subject lines that have been tested and proven to increase open rates and engagement.

Bonus 3: Cold Emailing Webinar 

Get access to our exclusive webinar on mastering the art of cold emailing and improve your outreach success rate.

Bonus 4: Lifetime Support and Updates 

Receive ongoing support and updates for all the products in the Email Agency Bundle, ensuring your tools are always up-to-date and optimized for success.

Bonus 5: Client-Getting Training Videos

Learn how to attract and close high-paying clients with our exclusive video training, designed to help you grow your digital agency with ease.

Bonus 6: Local SEO Blueprint

Get access to our step-by-step guide on optimizing your clients' websites for local search, driving more targeted traffic, and generating more leads for their businesses.

Bonus 7: White Label Client Contract Templates

Impress your clients with professional, white-labeled contracts that describe the provided services, client duties, requirements, payments, and terms.

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$47 First Month Deal,
Then $99/mo


1. SendEagle  ($99/mo Value)

2. Lead Finder Jack  ($99/mo Value)

3. Rapify Builder ($47/mo Value)

4. Lead Finder Jack - Desktop ($37/mo Value)

5. Groupon Prospector - New! ($47/mo Value)

6. ValPak Prospector - New! ($47/mo Value)

7. New Biz Prospector ($47/mo Value)

8. Local Theme Jack - Enterprise 2.0 ($47/mo Value)

9. Rapify AI - New! ($49/mo Value)

10. Website Auditor - Cloud New! ($49/mo Value)

11. Series of live training webinars ($497 Value)

12. Invoice Clients with Rapify Pay ($47/mo Value)